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We are ALWAYS creating content for this section. In order to be able to keep up with our high standards of service. Please continue to check this WEB page frequently for updates.  Thank you for your interest! Stop by again.

Dear Valued Customer,

Avalanche ProAudio is proud to be your manufacturer authorized Service Center for your Pro-Audio equipment. Whether, you are a local performer or main stream musical talented entertainer, our goal is to treat you, our customer, as the most important “part” of our company.

As you know, already the economy and the value of the American dollar have continued to diminish, thus affecting the availability of raw materials, such as spare and replacement parts. This has caused an increase in the retail/wholesale market to increase their prices accordingly, and has driven the cost of many inexpensive items to the point of extinction.

We, Avalanche ProAudio Services LLC have decided NOT to raise our hourly service charges and to keep many of our EPA required service FEE's at the current established rate. We will continue to do our very best at keeping our prices competitively low, and to stabilize our over-all cost to you, our customer. To obtain current rates and fee's information, please call our front office and our helpful staff will readily inform you of any changes and discounts that may be applied.

We greatly appreciate your business very much and will continue to do our very best in offering you the best pricing, availability and service in the professional audio entertainment servicing market.

To contact our technical staff, send us an email. Be advised, with all the email and telephone calls to the ASC/ARC, replies may incur lengthy time frames, please patient.  In the event you haven't received a reply to your inquiry, please call our front office to leave a message.

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